Progressive Jackpot Slots

These are certainly well known jackpots inherent in a game of slots. Not surprisingly, the majority of the new players are attracted by these progressive prizes. However, there lies a significant difference between these progressive prizes and the other offers given by the online casinos. For the convenience of these players we have elaborated some of them below.

In the particular online casino the pay table will mention clearly which symbol results in what jackpot; usually the player must hit 5 identical symbols to enable a pay line. The symbols are usually theme based or are a type of wild symbol. There are other conditions that the player must fulfill in order to hit the jackpot, failure to do so may refrain the player form winning this jackpot.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are mainly two different types of progressive slot jackpots that can be found in the slot games, first jackpot offers extremely high prize money and is carried out less frequently. Beach Life, Gold Rally are good examples of these jackpots. The second type of jackpot is carried out on a weekly basis and offer fewer amounts of money to the players. Rapid Fire and Cryptologic offer such progressive jackpots.

In the newer versions of these progressive jackpots the players are not required to hit any specific symbol on the pay line, but they can be won randomly with any spin. The player is then simply informed of the prize.

Other variations of the progressive jackpot can be found in Mega Moolah, the creation of Microgaming. Although there games do not allow the player to hit random jackpots, they do give the players the chance to win a bonus round.