Main Types of Slot Games

Slot machines are the simplest games to play, which have captured all casinos both on land and in the Internet. The rules of slots are pretty easy to understand: choose a machine, insert coins and press the button or click to activate spinning of the reels.

Slot Machine Variations

There is tremendous variation of slot machines. Each of them is unique, interesting and exciting. The main difference lies in the quantity of reels bonuses and slot symbols. Reels may count from 3 to 21, but they occur seldom.

There isn't any surprise that such a widespread game should have different modifications and types. Slot machine download uses software programs and has a lot of variations either.

Classical slots

Three Reel Classic slot is a type of slot machine, which contains 3 wheels with various symbols. It should be mentioned that while playing this type of slots only the middle line is supposed to determine the winning combination.

Bonus Slots

Such slot machines often give the player some extra features like: additional spin or some bonus prize, additional money to encourage play slots more and more. Sometimes when playing bonus slots gamblers won a jackpot. This is an explanation to such popularity of bonus slots machines.

Video Slots

These slots machines are completely electronic with many options and modes to play. Sometimes video slots can be multi-lined. They also have a wild card option. This means if you receive some symbols in one pay line - the wild symbol can replace the one that is missed in order to complete the whole pay line.

Progressive Slots

The most profitable type of slots is considered to be Progressive Slots. The sum of jackpot increases each time when coins are inserted. There are several slot machines combined together. The jackpot enlarges until one of the gamblers hit the winning combination.

Buy-a-pay slots

Buy-a-pay is a slot with 1 payout line, the winning of which depends on the number of inserted coins. The more bet is, the more reward can be given. Machines that work in such way, but have more than 1 payout line are multipliers.

Whatever you choose you'll enjoy the game greatly and have a great opportunity to become a rich person. But definitely I advise you to try all types of slots. You'll see that every slot machine are wonderful and have curious peculiarities.