"Cryptologic" is well-known Toronto based software company that specializes in developing casino software for online players. Since, its inception in 1995, the company has evolved into a successful online casino site. There casinos give players the opportunity to win random bonuses and prizes as well as other cash-back offers.

The Cryptologic website provides different incentives for players who spend $10 each. Players are awarded certain points that can range from 0 in the single decked blackjack games to up to 4.5 points in the VIP slots. Whenever, the player's points reach 100 then they get $1. The website of InterCasino has a website that contains all the information related to this process. Further information on the rules strategy and house edges is given below.


The standard rules inherent in this game are usually followed and the house edge for the banker is 1.06% while it's 1.24% for a player bet.


In the Cryptologic site you will find 7 different variations of the game. Two rules mentioned below apply to all the games.

  • After each hand the cards are shuffled.
  • Player has the option of doubling on any of the initial 2 cards.

The other rules present in games may vary.