Multi Payline Slots

Classic Slots

These games have 3 reels and a pay line. It requires the players to match 3 similar symbols to successfully end the game. This is certainly a very easy game for the players. To add more excitement such games also have other wild symbols and bonus rounds which help the player to win. These games have larger amounts of prizes since they are based on larger bets.

Progressive Bets

These bets resemble lotteries in a lot of ways, for instance, if the prize money is not won by anyone then it rolls over, eventually the prize increases to a huge amount. Although, it is tougher to match the final winning combination, to amplify your chances of winning you can bet larger amounts of money. Certain machines show these jackpots amounts directly on the screens. It must be noted that certain jackpots also have a specific maximum limit of the jackpot.

MutliSpin Slots

These slot games usually consists of several spins which can range between 3 to 25 spins. It allows the player to analyze different combinations of the slot game and assess their chances of winning the final jackpot. All that the player is required to do is match certain symbols to win the game. If you desire; you can also avoid the wheel motion part. All you have to do is run the auto play mode. These slots have 2 different types of bonuses; the first symbol gives the player an additional 5 spins while the second option gives the player an additional 10 reel spins.

Slots with Multi-reels

This type of slot game puts the player's skills as well as their luck to test. To win the jackpot players often need to wait for significant amount of before they can match the three symbols. However, these slots do have 5 reels, which helps the player to win the game.

Extra Pay lines

Certain online casinos offer their players many pay lines in the slot game through which they can win the jackpot. The pay line varies significantly which can be anywhere between 2 lines in the three reel game up to 50 additional lines in the video game. The videos games use modern technology to make the game more exciting. Most of these games have celebrity themes and are more preferable for the experienced players.