Indian Reservation vs Ordinary Casinos: Know the Difference

In a world where online gaming is attracting more players than brick-and-mortar casino establishments, the line between traditional and Indian Reservation casinos may not stand out but it is there.  Every casino gamer will want to know what their odds in game are and understand how the casino system works to work on ways to beat the system and to stay out of trouble.  If you thought all casinos in the US were the same, you are wrong.  Therefore, you should check out to find the latest reviews for the best online casino reviews. We will highlight the differences between traditional and Indian Reserve casinos just so you know.

i) Legal matters

Ordinary traditional casinos are regulated by the state and federal laws but the activities of Indian reservation casinos are not regulated by the states or taxpayers of the state.  However, Indian tribes are required to consult the state before setting up a casino and can only have legal games. 

ii) Size

The biggest casinos you know – Reno, Atlantic City and even Vegas have a hard time keeping up with the sizes of casinos set up on Indian lands.  Although location is often the biggest determinant of a casino’s size, oftentimes the largest casino is not necessarily one that offers the best or the most diverse gaming options.

iii) Payoff percentage

The biggest differences between Indian reservation and other casinos is in the payoff percentage because this is something every gamer will want to know.  The law does not require Native American casinos to report their payback percentages, hence players never really know whether the system is friendly or not before they play.  However, most reservation casinos peg their percentages on those of the competition, so the difference may not be noticeable.

iv) Location

It is easy to tell whether a casino is an Indian reservation establishment or a traditional casino based on where it is.  Most Indian reservation casinos are set up in land set aside by the government for specific tribes.  This explains why they are often situated in secluded areas but other casinos can be put up on any other property but often in cities.

v) Games selection

There is actually very little difference between the games that Indian reservation casinos offer and what the competition offers.  However, even in cases where the games are the same, the rules may be different.  If you are going to play in an Indian casino and have experience playing in other casinos, you should familiarize yourself with any rules differences especially when it comes to table games.

Besides these five areas, Indian reservation casinos differ from other casino types in management, cultural considerations and revenue.  You should know how they differ if it is important to you.