Blackjack: Do You Need Some Luck?

As most of the gambling guides state, blackjack is a game of skills and mastery only. They emphasize that you can never win blackjack game if you do not have a deep background knowledge and understanding of all blackjack details. Card counting is the only strategy that requires attention, according to blackjack guides, and it is better to play this game with a group of professional gamblers who can become member of another blackjack team. But is that true that blackjack game can be beaten with knowledge only and luck is as much important in this game as skills? In this article, we will try to find the answer on this question.

Winnings and Losses

You will find thousands of players who plays in an online casino canada or any other place who will tell you that they win blackjack games using strategies, and when they do not use them, each game round brings losses. But at the same time you will find even bigger number of players who will tell you that they have no idea about gambling strategies and they make their decisions following intuition only. And what is more important, they win games that they play.

No matter how many strategies you implement, losing will always be part of the gambling. Even if you count cards eventually you may lose. In many cases gamblers cannot influence the order of cards in the deck and can just predict the situation. That is why it cannot be said that blackjack is game of skills only.

Luck or Mastery?

Let us analyze the following situation. The game starts and dealer has 10 as his face up hand. The chances of winning for him are quite high, but your total is 20 and you believe that you can win easily. But dealer shows his face down card and it is Ace. He’s got blackjack natural and your 20 points are not enough to win the game. Could you influence the result somehow? No, there are no ways to make the deck favorable for you.

The other situation is the following. Dealer has 10, and he starts to deal card to player. You first card is Jack, and second one is…Ace. You’ve got natural! Dealer’s other card is another ten, but it does not matter as you are the game winner. Could you influence this? In this case, no.

Many situations that happen during blackjack game show that player cannot influence the way the cards are dealt. No one can know the card that appears next, even card counters cannot be sure that necessary for winning card will come next. In fact, card counting, as well as basic blackjack strategy, works on probability theory. It means that luck is very important in the game and in many cases it is better just to be lucky than to have a working strategy.

Of course, if you are aimed to play for a long time, it will be better to choose some of the strategies that can help you increase the winning chances. But now you know that luck plays important role in blackjack, and this game cannot be called the game of skill only.